Preguntas frecuentes de la alergia

Allergy and immunotherapy - F.A.Q.

Essentially, the answer is YES, although it can be unrefrigerated for short periods of time, in transit to the health centre. Never subject it to high temperatures or freeze it.

This is absolutely normal. It depends on the batches and the concentration of the vials to be administered. It does not alter its effectiveness.

Subcutaneous vaccination must ALWAYS be administered at a health centre. It must NEVER be administered at home.

Sublingual vaccines are an exception to this rule. They are administered at home, although in some cases, as a precaution, it may be recommended that the first dose be administered in the presence of a physician.

If you have a fever or symptoms of asthma, the injection must be postponed. Normally, doses can continue without any changes if they have been interrupted for less than 2 weeks.

While it is known that immunotherapy does not have any harmful effects on the foetus, talk to your allergologist about whether to continue administering immunotherapy or postpone it until after the birth.

There may be late local reactions, which can be relieved by applying ice. Although normally dose adjustments are not required, you should bring any such reactions to your physician’s attention.

Delayed systemic reactions are very rare and normally involve symptoms of the underlying disease, rhinitis and asthma. These symptoms would be treated with the usual medication for this process. In exceptional cases they may be more serious, and if they are, it is absolutely necessary to bring them to your physician’s attention.

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